(Active) Pubg New State Custom Room – T1 T2 T3

Pubg new state custom room

Pubg New State is a futuristic game that is similar to Pubg but with some advanced weapons. Also, you will get to see some new types of vehicles and maps in it.

If you want to make your e-sports career in this game, then you will have to start playing custom rooms in which there will be good players like you, with whom you can compete and improve your performance.

We promise that we bear you a healthy platform so that you can practice and participate in other big tournaments.

We build custom rooms daily. Some of these rooms are played for free and in the rest of the rooms, you have to play by paying an entry fee.

Seeing the performance of your team, you will get the T1 t2 t3 lobby.

What are T1 T2 and T3 lobbies?

This is a level that is given to you by the performance of your game.

T3 Lobby


Like you join any tournament, in starting you will be fed in the t3 lobby. in which all the players are of starting level who are currently doing their grind.

T2 Lobby

If you give your best in all of them then you will be promoted to the t2 lobby.

T1 Lobby

In between, if you make your performance better than other players or teams then you or your team can get a chance to play in the t1 lobby. You have to work hard and show your talent to get into the T1 lobby.

If you come to the starting, you will be fed with T3 teams. After that, you will be promoted according to your performance.
We will provide you a link to our Discard server, a link to a WhatsApp group, and a link to a Telegram group, of which you can join any. After joining, wait for our message in it. We Will tell you the registration process.

Join Pubg mobile New State room and earn money by playing.

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Type of Pubg New State Custom Room

  • Squad TPP – Erangel, Miramar
  • Solo TPP – Erangel, Miramar
  • 1 vs 1 TDM – Inventory
  • 4 vs 4 TDM – Inventory.

Entry Fee For Pubg new State Custom Room

Erangel Map Squad

Entey Fee1st price2nd Price 3rd Price

Tdm Solo/Squad

Entry fee Winning Price

Rules for playing Pubg New State custom

  • Screenshot of result will be required.
  • If you are killed by a cheater, you will have to give a valid proof of it so that you will be proved innocent and the other cheater.
  • Teaming up can disqualify you
  • Join the room 5 minutes in advance, after that we will not be responsible if someone is sitting in your slot.
  • Only the registered team will get the ID password of the game.
  • If you fail to join the room, you will not get a refund.

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How to join a custom room of Pubg news state.

Joining Custom is quite easy. Join any of the above groups. There you will get the joining details and the registration process. Along with this, you will also be informed about the upcoming tournament.

This is the right time to grind yourself for competition. As you all know that PUBG New State is a completely new game. So you have a very good chance of being a master in this.

Pubg New State Paid custom Whatsapp group Link

Join our Whatsapp group for all the custom rooms and tournaments. Free custom room and paid custom room are available here.