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Pubg New State Esports – Player Salary, Price Pool

How to Join Pubg new State Esports

How to Join Pubg new State Esports

How to Join Pubg new State Esports

With the launch of PUBG New State, people’s commitment towards the game is increasing very fast. With this, the career option in its e-support has increased. If you play PUBG before then this is a golden opportunity for all of you to start your esports career.

To make your E-sport career in Pubg new states, you have to prove yourself. And small tournaments will have to be won so that the attention of a big organization can go towards you. Either you can publish your videos on Instagram and YouTube. This will also increase the popularity and the attention of any good organization will also be attracted towards you. After this, you will get a good platform to play in any big tournament. From here you can start your sports career.

Pubg New State Esports Player Salary

Pubg New State Esports Player Salary

The salary of any sports player is given according to the performance of that player and his popularity. Along with this, his salary is decided by looking at his contribution to the game and his current form. If you are just starting your eSport career then you can be given $2000 or above at the moment. If you are an average player then your salary can be at least $4000 or above. If you are going through a good form and you are doing a very good acid job for your team then your salary can be given above $8000.

This salary is a basic salary. The salary is decided by the organization, it can be more or less. Different organizations have different methods of paying salaries.

Age limit

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to play any official tournament. In Pubg New State, you can play small tournaments at any age, but the age restriction is 18years to play in big tournaments.

You can play normal classic gameplay at any age. There is no restriction but if you are under 18 then you will not be able to play the game continuously, after which you will be given a break of some time, only after which you will be able to play your game again.

Pubg New State Esports Tournament

Pubg New State Esports Tournament

Official tournaments of PUBG New State will be announced only on Pubg New State’s official website. You can check the score by visiting the link given below. You will also see tournament details and the registration process on New State’s website.

Latest Tournament – Check Now

Pubg New State Esports Price pool

Tournament LevelAverage Price Pool
State Level Tournament Under $1 Million Doller
Country Level Tournament$1 Million Doller – $3 Million Doller
Global Tournaments$3 Million Doller – $10 Million Doller

The price of the official tournament of Pubg New State is decided by the Krafton company. If the tournament is of state-level or country level, then it is organized within $1million dollars.

If the tournament is played at a global level, then its price range can be from $1million dollars to $10 million dollars.

This prize may be less or more according to the popularity of the game. If the popularity of a game is very high, then its price pull will also be very high according to the other games.

As you all know that PUBG New State is a new game, then its price pool will be up to 3 million dollars in starting.
After the success of Pubg, Pubg New State make a lot of boom at the global level. The prize pool of the tournament will be decided by the company. it’s just a guess.

Pubg New State Registration and Rules

To register your team, you have to go to the official website of Pubg New state, fill the form given there, Give your and your Team name, your contact number, team member and your in-game name, character id, email address, Team logo, and some other information will have to be shared.
After, all this, you can register your team. After this, the game will be played in different stages in which you have to qualify in each stage and take your team to the next stage.

Pubg New State Rulebook Pdf

Device Rule For Pubg New Stage

Players may participate in Events only on mobile phone handheld devices running the Android or
the iOS operating systems. Players may not use peripheral devices of any kind without the approval of
Tournament Officials (including adapters, controllers, Bluetooth keyboards, and mice). Players
may not use an emulator to play on a PC or other device that is not a handheld device.

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Point System for pubg new state

Point Systems for Pubg new State tournament are as given below.

Place Point
1st 15

Kill Point – 1 per Kill

Pubg New State Esports Whatsapp Group, Telegram and Discord server

You can join any Esport group from the given links.

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