Pubg New State Sensitivity Setting (Zero Recoil) 2022

pengaturan sensitivitas pubg

Pubg New State Sensitivity Setting Zero Recoil

To make your gameplay like a pro player, you need to adjust your sensitivity setting and practice a lot. Copy the given sensitivity setting and make your spray like no recoil.  

What is Sensitivity Setting in Pubg New State

By changing the sensitivity setting in PUBG New State, you can increase the overall experience of your game. In PUBG New state, you get to see many types of sensitivity settings, which can confuse you. But in simple words, there are three main types of sensitivity settings.

  1. Free perspective sensitivity
  2. Camera and Scope Sensitivity
  3. Gyroscope Sensitivity

By the way, the sensitivity setting comes preloaded in PUBG New State, which can now be adjusted in 3 ways.

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

For good gameplay, you have to set the setting of your choice so that you can play your game better.

Given settings can be used by all users. But we request you to kindly find your own sensitivity settings by visiting the training ground and practicing it. This allows you to create and master a unit sensitivity setting for yourself.

First, we check Free Perspective Sensitivity

Pubg New State Sensitivity Settings Code


Free perspective sensitivity Comes with 3 Setting

Free perspective sensitivity pubg new state
  • TPP
  • FPP
  • Parachute

TPP Camera – (Third player prospective) This Setting is for Third eye.  

  • General- 175
  • Driver – 143

FPP (First player Prospective)

  • General – 172
  • Driver – 140

Parachute- This setting helps you to look around while you jump from plane.

  • General – 130

Also Check

Camera And Scope Sensitivity

Camera And Scope Sensitivity  pubg new state

The camera sensitivity setting is for Screen sensitivity to look around your surroundings.  and scope sensitivity is mainly for the recoil of the gun while firing.

  • Tpp – 160
  • Fpp – 160
  • Tpp Shoulder Camera – 160
  • Fpp Shoulder Camera – 160

Iron Sights

  • Ads  – 85
  • Fire- 85

Red dop, viper

  • ADS – 85
  • Fire – 85

2x Scope

  • ADS – 80
  • Fire – 80

3x Scope

  • ADS – 85
  • Fire – 86

4x Scope

  • ADS – 100
  • Fire – 100

6x Scope

  • Ads – 65
  • Fire – 75

8x Scope

ADS – 50

Fire -50

Pubg New State Sensitivity with Gyroscope

Pubg Sensitivity with Gyroscope
Camera and Scope Sensitivity Setting
TPP Camera255
FPP Camera250
TPP Shoulder Camera215
FPP Shoulder Camera215
Iron Sights210
Red dot, Viper200
2x Scope190
3x Scope220
4x scope210
6x Scope130
8x Scope25

Pubg New State Sensitivity without Gyroscope

Camera and Scope Senstivity setting
TPP Camera160
FPP Camera160
TPP Shoulder Camera160
FPP Shoulder Camera160
Iron Sights85
Red dot, Viper85
2x Scope80
3x Scope85
4x scope100
6x Scope75
8x Scope50